Sunday, April 09, 2006

Medical Malpractice

So as I reading Greedy Trial Lawyer, the top story at the time was about how medical errors continue at hospitals continue to rise.

This leads me to wonder. There are as many 1.2 million incidents in a two year period (the last one ending in 2004). The insurance industry has been spending millions of dollars on its attempts at "tort reforms" (including malpractice caps and other ideas) because of the rising costs, or so they say, due solely to the "evil trial lawyers". And the insurance companies state that this will bring the costs back down.

Now, if they are spending this much to stop the suits from coming, I wonder what would happen if perhaps they spent that money on actually eradicating the problem: namely the avoidable errors that happen in hospitals that cause people to seek attorneys to be compensated for their injury. Maybe pay the nurses a little more. Spend some more time on developing commonsense things (like standardized ways of marking body parts prior to surgery)

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