Monday, October 26, 2009

Doubel Elimination Madness.. That's Right Its Dancing With The Stars Time

The winnowing begins this week. As Mrs. Angrybell says, "Its about time."

So Mya and Dmitri drew the jitterbug as the lead off dance this week, and Mya seems pissed she fell from the top spot. What did she expect with Dmitri? Really what was the deal with the rboom thing? Too much with the dusting. Len is going to hate that, not going to help withthe goal beign 30. Finally they get into the dance. Nice side by sides. She looks a little flat sometimes in teh dance. Maybe its because she is in her socks. Nice flip, but sMya wasnt' quite on coming out fo it. Mrs. Angrybell is just bored by this dance. I'm underwhelmed as well. I was expecting more, but it wasn't choreographed that way. Shocking, Len hated the opening, and he was right. Good grief, even Carrie Ann is agreeing with the Angrybells, is the end pretty darn nigh? For all that, they get 24? Score inflation mode is turned on this week.

Alright, I must confess, after the first week, I would have thought that MJH would be closer to be going home. However, she's been getting better over the last few weeks. She and Mark drew the waltz this week. I love Shirley Ballas! She reminds me of Grandma Angrybell. Something happened when they went high and tight on the shot, so all I can say is MJH's face screamed mistake. She just does not look comfortable doing this dance. Wow, nice splits from MJH. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks stiff and unsure on her feet. She is missing the heel lead on this. Mrs. Angrybell calls "el stinko". I didn't think it was good, but it wasn't the worst thing I've seen in a waltz. And Bruno picked up on it. For the comments that they gave, the 20 was awfully high. Yup, we have score inflation in overdrive tonight.

Now comes the couple that has me the most conflicted. I like Mark, but I can't stand Lacey. Lacey is perhaps the weakest, in my opinion, of the professionals this season. This week they have the jitterbug. Good song. You knwo I can't remember the songs of the last two dances. Lacey;s outfit is kinda of... safe and not in a good way. Mark looks like he is ahving fun. Nice little flip there. Len may not like this so much. At least this dance is much more fun. Mrs. Angrybell thinks this one is a 180 from the Mya routine, lets stand in one place. Too much of that silly lift thing. oops had a little mistkae towards the end with a bad hand grab that lead people to go "where am I suppose to be going". Its not perfect, but it was better than Mya's. Let's see where score inflation takes this one. I think this is a couple of 8s and a 9. They went 26.

Aaron and Karina followed this with the waltz. Aaron needs to cowboy up and stop whining. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he is the Lance Basss of this season, except he hasn't accepted his gray side. This is not a good song (Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady... ugh). Yes, it works well for the waltz, but its a bummer song. However, He looks much more confiident than MJH. However, Mrs. Angrybell does not like velvet jackets. Also, he is having trouble with heel leads through most of the dance. That is affecting the rise and fall. That will hurt him. Len was right about his frame and his posture. Not sure its his best dance. A 25? That's a little too high for that dance.

Anna and Michael Irvin arrived on the backs of the fans to do the waltz. . I'd like to say this now: STOP IT! They do not deserve to be here. Mien Gott there was a heel lead! And Mrs. Angrybell loves to see the feathers flying. Little stumble there, but he is getting some rise and fall off the heel leads he manages occasionally, but its a little uneven. I hate to say this, but this isn't bad. Anna put together a good routine for him. Mrs. Angrybell thinks Anna did this one, she put together a routine that showed off his good side and kept him from being too stiff. What scale is Bruno judging this on? And the lift police is back. Thanks Carrie Ann for focusing on that. Len, once again, is right. Bruno and Carrie Ann are missing the boat on this one. Which pisses me off, because it means that I'll have to listen to more football metaphors from Irvin again next week. 20? Is the fix in here?

Kelly and Louie drew the jitterbug, coming off her sprained ankle. Its amazing how wracked with fear she is. Fun song. Louie is keeping it nice and simple which is helping her, but I like how its getting harder, so tot speak, as it goes. the problem is that there is not a lto of bounce, which may have to do with the ankle problem. SO it ends up being restrained, and at times as if she is walkign through the dnace. This is not ending up good for her. A 20? This would be ok, except they gave the same score to Irvin. Oy.

So its the Dancing Hobbit and Chelsea. Louie Vito is another that I think needs to go home. So tis teh jitterbug. And they drew a good song. But too mch of the opening nonesense. Just get on the Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train. Alright, its a bit uneven. There are times he looks like he is on the music and is dancing, and there are times I'm wathcing and it looks like he is just walking through it and a little off. This dance looked fun but uneven. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he is not strong enough to be doing these lifts because it looks like he is just barely able to lift Chelsea. Once again, I'm in agreement with Len. Ahh, its nice to see Carrie Ann back to her speaking totally out of her hat. If she took pharmaceuticals, it would be like watching the Gina Gershon character on the episode of Psych with American Duos. Score was, in my opinion, generous. He did drop his partner twice.

Joanna Krupa and Derek waltzed in after this. I'm not Ms. Krupa's biggest supporter, but you gotta give it to her, she does take this seriously. It would look better if she didnt have a look of fear on her face. But Derek seems to be leading her nice, and she is doing the rise and fall well. The frame is a little off, but not too bad. This flows nicely. She did not look comfortable with this dance. The 26 was fair for that dance.

Donny and Kym drew the jitterbug. Donny looks tired and looks like he's been losing a lot of weight in all this. Starts off nice, but it looked there was a little hesitation right before the first choo choo. Loosk fun, looks bouncy. There are some timing problems. He is a little hunched over in this but not too bad. He looks like he is having fun. Looked good. Of the jitterbugs we saw tonight, this fell in the middle. Louie's was the weakest of the men. Mark's was the strongest. This one looked just a little off. A 24 is fair.

Now we have the group mambo tapout thingy. Normally, I'm not in favor of Irvin, but I like his battle plan. Four minutes of mambo. What will happen? Let's go to the Tivo. This does not favor Donny, since he jsut came off the jitterbug. Nice song. The problem with this is that its hard to get alook at whats going on because the camera is focusing on one coupel. Michael and Anna go first. Louie should go next. And he does. Kelly might be going next, though it could also be MJH who looks like she is losing steam. And it is MJH. I really wish they would show more of Donny and Kym, it looks interesting. Kelly finally goes down. I think Mark and Mya are into their loop now. And Mark goes down.I think Derek is getting way into this dance. And with the floor open, Aaron and Karina stayin the corner. And then Donny goes out. Interesting. And then Donny and Derek start to dance. Together. That was weird. Aaron and Karin finally succumb. I think Joanna should take the top spot. Mya and Dmitri have been on what looks like a loop. And Mya goes down. Leaving Joanna and Derek in the top spot. Derek really is a ham.

Joanna Krupa must be exhausted. But damn if she isn't competitive.

Mrs. Angrybell thinks that the Melissa Joan Hart and Louie Vito should go home.

I think the same thing. Michael Irvin did just enough to live to dance another day.


Colby said...

I'm with Mrs.AngryBell again. What WAS with the velvet jackets? And seriously, you two watch Psych? I knew there was a reason I was a fan.

AngryBell said...

Huge Psych fans. I sucked her into it, and after kicking and screaming for most of the first season, she suddenly declared it as "her" show. :)

We loved the episodes where they make fun of the Mentalist. And the one where they spoofed the Breakfast club.

Colby said...

The one where they called out the Mentalist was AWESOME!! I particularly love the fake names they give to Gus. And I missed the Breakfast Club spoof. Boo!