Monday, October 19, 2009

The Madness Continues... (DWTS Recap)

Let's start off with this. What they hell did they do to poor Samantha Harris' hair? I mean, does someone in hair and makeup hate her so much that they would do that to her? It's like the revenge of the 80's big hair. Mrs. Angrybell called it a crime against a curling iron.

Also, the other question this week is whether Maksim will be the downfall of Joana Krupa. Derek's out with the flu. Maksim is a great dancer. His problem is he peacock in the worst sense when it comes to showcasing himself over his partners.

Natalie and Alec drew the honors of leading off this week, dancing the paso doble. American woman is the song, which is why she is in that particular outfit. The problem is, this is not a great song for this. She looked pretty good in the begining. but its lacking something and I cannot put my finger on it. And then she gets off just a little when they got in the corner away from the judges. Then it got almost robotic. I'm not sure that Alec made the best use of what he had there. Carrie Ann, of course, calls anything she can a lift. What a crock. Len and Bruno had some good points. The 22 was fair. The dance had problems.

Aaron and Karina Argentine tangoed next. I love the line from Karina about her being a "cold blooded bitch". Nice song. Works well with the costumes. He is not being aggressive enough in some of his steps I thnk. But he has the look down inhis face. The more it goes, the better he is getting. That kneel at the end was a little weird, but otehrwise, I think he did a good job. Mrs. Angrybell said "Poor little thing, he looks afraid, he's been abused by the judges." Nice to see some strokes from the judge as opposed to all the whacks he's been taking. Even Len had some nice things to say. I'd say it was a 9. The judges gave him 8s. Good improvement for him.

Anna and Michael followed that up with the paso. Have to say, Anna looks good with the dark hair. Great song. Face looks determined, but his feet arent hitting like I think they should. Good posture. Now he's stepping like he should. Not the best cape work on DWTS but pretty good. I like how he flung her away. Thankfully, while the comments were over the top, the scores were right on.

Mya and Dmitri drew the Argentine tango. Not a song (so sorry by Jem)I would think was a tango. Mya is just impressive to watch. Not much else to say. Its just a damn shame that she has Dmitri as her partner. I have no idea what Carrie Ann was talking about with the lack of emotional connection. Was she watching the same dance? The 27 was right on.

Lacey and Mark Dascassos pulled on some weird costumes for the paso doble. Let's see if Lacey's gamble paid off? Mrs. Angrybell says "Holy Sh*t, she looks like Nelix from Voyager! Where's Captain Janeway?"This starts off looking light years better than Michale's. He has the look, his steps look forceful. That was an impressive move that he did. Little flip thing. Wow. Then Lacey comes back and they finsih the dance. The costumes.... were just ridiculous. That color didn't suit him. Carrie Ann was right, he hit the power and didn't make it looks it was forced. What's going on? I'm agreeing with Carrie Ann? Yikes! Alright the scores were the best of the night so far for a paso, but Bruno went and screwed it up with an 8. Still the 26 was pretty good.

Donny and Kym were up next with the Argentine tango. Let's see how the father of five does with this. First thign, he needs to stop looking down in teh beinging. Kym looks like she is wearing a lamp shade and a bead spread. They drew a good song. Some of Donny's steps don't look like they are hitting right, as in I think some are going toe lead when they should be heel. But then he starts to pull it together. Nice kicks and flicks. I liked it, but there was something missing from it that I cannot put my finger on. I love how Donny plays off Bruno. They took each other there. Anyways, at least they did not kiss tonight. Thankfully, Len resisted the urge to pull out the 10 paddle, giving them a 29. It was a good dance, it was just missing that last little bit.

Chelsea and Louie Vito danced the argentine tango after that. Mrs. Angrybell wants to wash Louie's hair. They've brought out props, that sometimes backfires. It starts off looking like she is trying to hide Louie on the chair. Which in that dress, is not a bad idea for Chelsea. This dance almost looks like it suits Louie. He has the right look on his face and he is moving somewhat like he should. Could possibly be Louie's best dance. What the hell? Len liked the prop? Usually its the kiss of death. But they are all catching on that he is stepping, not dancing. 23 was a nice score.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Sabrina the Cheetah Girls' ex-boy friend danced the Argentine tango. Lot of that tonight. Apparently Mark, apparently, was sick this week. It was interesting listening to Anna talk about Melissa Joan Hart's chances. She is stepping this dance. At least at the start. And she is pulling away a little bit. Thought it might have to do with Marks' red spats. There is a lack of fluidity when it should be there (yes I know this dance has a lot fo staccato in it, but when she does the kneels against him, they look staccato and thats not how its supposed to go). And then she got tangled up in the kicks and that threw her a bit. Fortunately, she tangos on. Surprisingly flexible. The score of 23 was fair. This routine had a number of flaws.

Kelly and Louis Van Amstel were up next. I love her reaction to when she realized she was the cape and not a bull. Dancing to Crazy Train. Now I understand Louis eye makeup. She looks a little off but she's passing it off ok. Keeping in character and now back in with Louis. She got a little lost going through that series of underarm turns. Lost a little of the intensity but then it starts to come back as the song hits the end. Uneven dance. Good. But not great. I liked it better than Natalie's. The way things have gone tonight, it should be 8s. And it was 24.

Joanna and Maksim were dancing the Argentine tango. Apparently Derek's topless foray got him the flu. Referring to Maksim as the savior? Has she watched the show before? Thankfully, Maksim will be keeping his shirt on. Whatever Lola wants, nice choice of song. There was a little trip there, and it wasn't by the amateur, btu the pro. Mrs Angrybell wants to know if that was a mistake or intended. I think it was an accident. Most of that routine was great. Somehow Maksim restrained his natural impulse to show himself off and let her look really good. I love how she put the blame where it belonged: with Maksim. He stumbled. The 8s were unfair. I think that dance was as good as Mya's wth the exception of the stumble.

Then there was the group hustle. The outfits for this were just scary.

Alright, this is a bit of surprise to me. Natalie is as vulnerable as Michael. This is weird. In past seasons, the deeper into the competition it gets, the more likely that one of the atheletes has improved. Natalie has not really improved that much. She has had some marginal improvements but she is still being held back a bit. And then there was her performance in the group hustle. She seemed like she just wanted to eb doing someothign other than competing there. Michael Irvin on the other hand is just hanging on for dear life there. For some reason teh fans keep bring him back.

Now the other person who should be vulnerable based solely on his score is Louie Vito. The only problem is that this week, he turned in a decent performance. So I'm not sure he should be going home.

The middle of the pack is who you would expect. There is Aaron Carter and Melissa Joan Hart. They're performances have been kind of bland. They have moments of doing well, but at the end of the day, neither has really shown that they are deserving of being in the final.

The ones who have a shot at the mirror ball trophy, in my opinion are: Mark Dascassos, Donny Osmond, Mya, and Joanna Krupa (yeah, I'm surprised to be writing that). The dark horse at this point: Kelly Osbourne.

This is a crazy season.

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I think you are wrong in your critque of Donny and Kym. i don't think it was missing anything. I think it was perfect. YOUR blog is less than perfect. I think it's missing something. OH! know, I writer.