Friday, October 16, 2009

From Mrs. Angrybell to the Hon. Sofie Allsopp

At the request of Mrs. Angrybell, a plea is being made to Sofie Allsopp. Sofie, please, please, go back to your old style. The new one makes you look like some demented Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Did some focus group tell you that this look (seen below)

is not a good one? Mrs. Angrybell begs you to give up on the Dorothy-esque hairstyle and go back to your previous one. It looked so much better. And also that red that you've started to use for your lipstick makes you look like a mortician got to you. It does not fit your coloring. Your old style, with the pink color and gloss, made your lips look lovely.

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Colby said...

I think you should have Mrs.AngryBell do a guest post. I like her input.