Monday, October 05, 2009

Yes, Its Monday Madness (Dancing with The Stars)

Batting lead off tonight was Mark and Lacey. I have to say this again: I do not like Lacey and Mrs. Angrybell really does not like her. Doing the rumba. Not a great song. Some hip movement, but doesn't look like this is in his wheelhouse. Mrs. Angrybell "The 80's called they want the outfit back". The longer he goes into this dance, the more he is losing his hip action and the more he is losing his fluidity. Mrs. Angrybell said "This is the rhumba right? Isn't it supposed to be sexy?" I agree. A surpisingly ungrumpy Len, what happened to him in the week off? And Carrie Ann giving something other than an Abdul-esque commentary, what???!?? I want my judges back! The 6's were dead on. They have replaced the judges with dopplegangers!

Mrs. Angrybell had this to say about Samantha Harris: "The wardrobe department hates Samantha Harris, they put her in Mr. T's Jewelry."

Joanna and Derek then sambaed into my living room. And it made Angrybabybelle cry. Actually she just woke up, but anyways. It looks so tenative on her part. Derek is looking too good, while Joana is looking like she isn't sure what she wants to do. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that she is not very refined in her movements, and needs precision with her steps. What dance was Bruno watching? Huh? Len what are you saying? Were you watching the bloody dance!?!? Is the fix suddenly in here? Or am I just a curmudgeon? An 8 from Len? Who is that man? The 7 was more like it. Still, a 23... I dunno about that one.

Mya and Dmitir were up next. They got a better song for the rumba, even if I don't like it. Ooh lift. Needs to work on her hip s a bit, but it looks better than other one. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Dmitri needs to put on some clothes, she isn't likeing what she is seeing of Dmitri. So it was better than Mark's, but I'm not sure it was that good. Bruno drank the kool-aid on this one. What is going on with this? Is it protect the women night? A 10? for real? Something is out of whack here. 27 is way, way to inflated!

MJH and Mark were on the floor following that travesty of judging to do the samba. MRs. Angrybell thinks that Mark needs a hair cut. They got a fun song. She needs to swmile a bit more. Her feet look like they are going where they should be. As she goes on, I think she is getting better. Althougth in that open bit she looked off and lost. The 19 was fair.

Louie and Vito are next on the chopping block. With his hair done, he looks completely different. He was enjoying the rumba practice a little too much. MRs. Angrybell thinks he loosk nervous. Well they did get the best rumba song so far tonight. They put her in almost nothing. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she is wearing a band-aid for a skirt. Very little hip movement, but he is working the sensual angle. Mrs. Angrybell is not sure, she thinks it might have been his best dance, but isn't sure because she is so stunned by Chelsea's outfit. I think Chelsea raided Edyta's closet. Len was right, Chelsea was hiding the fact that he couldn't move his hips. Odd, Bruno and I agreed. Len was out of his mind with a 5. The 20 was the right score but they got to it in a weird way.

Debbie Mazar and Maksim were hoping to improve on last week's tango. It was nice to Mel B back. I miss her. She could put Maksim in his place. This samba ... starts off with the stuff with Len hates. But Mrs Angrybell thinks she is hanging on for dear life in this dance. The start of the dance was this nice series of basic stuff, but after the turns around the floor, she seemed to lose it. I'm not sure what went wrong, but something went wrong. It was nice. And that was the problem. It was just nice. And Bruno pointed out what she missed. A 17, considering how it looked...

And then Samantha makes a dig on Len's scoring. Mrs. Angrybell says, "Careful Samantha, he'll have wardrobe put you in something worse!"

Donny and Kym rumba. Interesting giving him the solo. He tried to move those whitebread hips. They are having some problem with fluidity early on. Not much in the way of hip movement, and he looks like he is reaching for her, like he is a little behind on things. When they got back to the center, suddenly things started to look better. Started off shaky, improved. "Donny Osmond just crossed over to the Castro!" according to Mrs. Angrybell. 21 was right. It was good, but

About Samantha's comment to Donny, that he should have given Bruno some tongue, Mrs. Angrybell declared, "Best comment Samantha Harris ever gave!"

Anna and Michael Irvin, doing the Samba. This is lookign good for her. Not so good for him. He's having too much fun. Maybe that's a little harsh, but to me it looks more like he walkign through most of it. Where is the bounce from him? Mrs. Angrybell thinks, that while it was one of his better dances, he is limited in what he can do. The 14 was harsh, but deserved. Where is the love for the guys?

Let's see what Natalie can do this week. I expected more from her, but so far, I'm not seeing any of it. Natalie doing the rumba is going to be hard. Natalie needs to channel her inner Edyta. I was wrong, Natalie raided Edyta's closet. She is holding her breathe, at least early in the dance. Hip movement is limited but getting better as the dance progresses. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Natalie was wearing a beadsheet and a clamshell. It was good, not great. Natalie get's saved by her body looking so good when she goes into a slow movement. The judges' ... have lost their sense of proportion with their comments. That was not a 9 dance. Argh!!! They've been told to get the women through this week. A 26 is too high for that dance.

Guess I have to be nice, or this next couple will hurt me. Its Chuck and Anna. Doing the samba. Can this guy be light on his feet? That outfit for him... Whoa! Mrs. Angrybell is speechless. This looks much better than Irving's. It doesn't look natural, but at least there is some flow and some bounce to it. And then he goes flat at the end. Personally, I think it was his best dance so far. They got a 17. Personally, I think Len was a little too harsh there.

Aaron and Karina were dancing the rumba this week. Something looks wrong with Karina. She looks... off. Mrs. Angrybell thinks its her hair change. Who picked out his outfit? Why is he wearing pajamas? Do they think that the Hefner look is in? Little stumble after the spin, not good. His foot work is good, but he is int committing to get the hip action fully there. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that he reminds her of Randy Disher from Monk. Not good. Not bad, but not good. And Len is back, first use of "Lack of musicality" tonight! I feel ebtter. Bruno got the right number. The 21 was what I thought it should be.

Cheryl and Tom limped out. Mrs. Angrybell, a GOP member, said of the outfits "That outfit is the bomb". The man has 2 stress fractures. This ... is going to get ugly I think. He is coutning out loud. Ok, there is alack of bounce, we knew that. However, he is in time with the music and it looks not half bad. I like how its "Why can't we be friends" and she is wearing the donkey on her outfit. It was nice that he tried to bribe the audience. All in all, it was basic and clean. I liked what it was, but it wasn't enough. Mrs. Angrybell says "The shirt is the bombo. The man is epic". It was a 15. It was fair. Please, send him home.

Now we get to who I've been waiting for: Kelly and Louis. Interesting makeup. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks like a demented 50's housewife. Batting clean up with a samba. They got an interesting song. She is having fun doing this. The song doesn't work so well for this dance, but they are doing a good job. She is doing well, but her arms need work. Her feet and bounce look right, or close to it. I liked it. The judges were right: when she is on, she is on; when she starts to think, she loses it. The scores were a little low. Should have been in the 21 to 24 range.

Ok, this week is in an easy one: send hom Tom DeLay. He's injured. He needs to go home.

As for the rest... Michael is looking very vulnerable. He wants to stay, he needs to do something quick.

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