Thursday, October 01, 2009

So Is This My Problem?

The answer is most likely, and emphatically, a resounding: YES.

And yet, it is how I feel.

What am I talking about?

Let's back up and explain a bit. I belong to an organization. Except, that it is not an organization, at least according to the agreed upon rules, that I am supposed to admit belonging to. Why? Because they are afraid that they will get their collective files subpoenaed and used in court. Which is fairly ludicrous because if someone wanted to subpoena all the stuff that gets mentioned on its list-serv, what they would find are dicussions about a particular area of law. Occasionally some nasty comments are made, but really, they are not actionable (remember, truth is a defense).

However, recently they have been having this thread about psuedonyms which are used by some of the members in their emails. And how that is a VERBOTEN! "If ve do not haf your true identification, with a blood oath with each email, ve cannot verify that the emails hast orriginated from you!"

So what is my problem? Its stupid bureaucracy. Bureaucracy that favors form over functionality. I swear the people who run this particular organization take themselves far, far too seriously. Not to mention the fact that they apply the rules to everyone, but never to themselves because they can always justify their actions with some exception they've created out of whole-cloth.

So right now, I'm working my way to getting expelled I think, because I'm objecting to this whole thing. It's stupid. It's been used against me in the past (even though my emails originally had my initials in them, were always signed by real name - unlike many of the others - and were clearly linked to me).

I fracking hate people like that. Its like a red flag to a bull.


Colby said...

That would be kind of funny if they expell you. At least to me.

AngryBell said...

Mrs. Angrybell and another in the group are lobbying me hard not to fire off my next salvo. Its hard to resist.