Monday, October 12, 2009

Madness Time Is Upon On Us... And This Time Its The Forbidden Dance! (Dancing With The Stars Time)

So Angrybabybelle really wanted to watch tonight. Which is not good. She's tiny and needs to sleep.

But on to the dances.

First up is Chuck and Anna doing the Two Steps. At they looked like they were having fun in training. Mrs Angrybell is firghtened by the outfit.. and the rope. Len will hate the opening bit. I know nothing about this dance. But at least he looks like he is having fun, even if he is not synch all the time with. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Anna looks like a "lady of the evening or whatever they called them back then". Nice lifts, but he looks a little unsure where his hand should be on the turns. So that's a two-step? I like how Bruno called it "Carnage and mayhem" that still managed to look like a two-step. They earned a 17, and Len seemed a little too harsh there.

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas got to do the Charleston. Another dance, I'm only vaguely familiar with. Mrs. Angrybell just doesn't think she is a dancer, even though she is talented in other ways. The intro was a bit too long but she looked good in teh open. Nice little tongue in cheek coming down the stairs. When she thinks, she gets off a little. When she just gos with it, she is doing much better. She had a little bit of a flub when they went into hold at the end. I'm not sure if she was doing the right steps, but it looked liek an error. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she should get an 8. I'm thinking 7. Bruno loved it. Cary Anne said nothing comprehensible again. Len actually liked it saying "they ticked all the boxes". Wow, a 28. That I did not expect for them, but I almost think it had to do with the fact that they showed so much improvement.

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazzo came up with a bolero. Interesting, he offered an easy and a hard option. I would have taken easy and done it really well. The question is, what did she do. Well, she took the clothes from Edyta's closet this week. Wow, nice splits. Wow agian with the split and spin. Mrs Angrybell thinks this is her best dance so far. She is using her lines, and its not looking stiff like some other dances. The end, looked a little off, but otherwise a really good fluid routine. What is Cary Anne smoking? Other than the end, it looked so fluid. The 8s were about right, tho still surprising its going to put her behind MJH. And she does not look happy with her scores.

Aaron and someone with bad blonde hair. Is that Karina? Please, go back to being a brunette. And tonight, they got to do the forbidden dance. Nice opening with that sommersault. Yeah I have no idea how this dance is supposed to go. But he is at least selling that he knows. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he is gay and needs to come out of the cloest. Nice workign of the hips. There was a little trip up with one of spins and then the spin did not go as well as planned. But it was a good try. Len and Mrs. Angrybell agree that the rhythm was off. Cary Anne is just being mean to him tonight, and I don't like him. The 18 seemed a little harsh. Then again, like Len said, not raunch. Thank G-d no crying.

Mark Dascassos and Lacey Schwimmer were given the two-step this week. Mrs Angrybell saw the set up and felt bad for Mark. Its clear that Mark has little country in him. But at least he is making an attempt. The turns they did looked a lot better than the ones that Chuck did. And I think he actually looks better when in open than he does when he is in hold with her. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that all of Lacey's dances look the same, like she has one set of moves that she just fits into each style. I think that Mark might be close enough to lead, but Lacey wants to back lead the whole time. An 8 and two 7s for a 22. At least it showed they appreciated that it was an improvement over Chuck and Anna's.

Another Charleston was up next, this time Kelly and Louis. Interesting makeup for Louis. Looks nice but she needs to stop lookign down. Oops, she started thinking and its hurting her again. But she recovers. Not enough bounce in the hold. I have a feeling this will be one of Len's "Its a bit of a muddle" followed by a lot of boos. But it was. There were times when she looked like she was on. Then there were times when she started to think and would get off a little. 23. Bout where it should have been. Who knew Samantha Harris was on Broadway?

Joanna and Derek drew the lambada. At least Derek is honest this week, he does have a great job. Derek shirtless is not something I want to see again. Either that or he needs to get to the gym more often and lift. Mrs Angrybell wonders why he couldnt borrow Dmitri's see through shirt. Little more raunch in this one, but still kind of safe and tame. Until that thing where she grinded her way up the body. Mrs. Angrybell thinks Joanna is like a poor woman's Brooke Burke, a model who can dance. 26 for the score.

Donny and Kym were following that. I like how its raunch and then the Mormon dancing the Charleston. This is a fun looking charleston. Nice open routines they did there, it all looked in synch. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that the choreography is what relaly sets this apart. Donny is hititng the marks she lays otu, but she';s put something to gether that meets his level. A couple of little things wrong, little misses but nothign that took them out. Mrs. Angrybell really liked it, good choreopgraphy, good execution, good outfits, she gives it a 10. I'd give it a 9. He got hosed with those straight 8's. Should have had a couple of 9s in there. Mrs. Angrybell says "Vote for Donny this week, they got hosed this week."

Michael Irvin and Anna drew the bolero. The way I look at it, he is 4 and long here. His dances have not been going well. He was in the bottom two last week. If this one isn't good, he should be the next to go home. Starts off like he wants to stay. His posture looks a little off at times, like he is hunching instead of bending. And he loses the character in the dance, smiling when he should be smoldering. Part of it is that he not helped by the song. Its not good for him or this dance I think. When he moves, it slike he is walking, not dancing. And yes, they did pick up on the fact that Anna hid his problems by keeping him stationary as much as possible. Ouch from Bruno's comment equating him to the economy. Well the 16 is an improvement from last week. I don't think its going to be a keeping score.

Chelsea and Louis Vito. And they get to do the two step. I like how she said he looks like a girl. Ty might be the only one who can help him. Louis "Mini-Ty with Long Hair" Vito. Doesnt have a ring to it. They got a good song. Too bad he is so nervous doing this dance. Chelsea loks good, he looks, like he is hoping not to trip her up. I like Len's description, it was close to what I'm thinking "a series of walks and then Chelsea did something." MRs. Angrybell agreed with Carrie Ann, he got good stuff and did nothing with it. The 16 was generous.

Mya and Dmitri doing the lambada. I am still waiting for Dimitri to implode and take Mya with him. Mrs. Angrybell wants to know if they could be any more oiled up. GOod song and they seem to be working it. Good thing this was after 9 pm, otherwise, Stands and Practices might have a problem with it. Started off well, but then it seemed lose a little of the steaminess at the end. Thankfully, Len threw the 8. It wasn't a perfect dance. Mrs. Angrybell doesn't think Len likes Dimitri. She also thinks that he has a separate standard for Mya, because he thinks she can actually dance as opposed to a lot of the others.

Overall, no real change. Mya and Dmitri have become the favorites of the men with Natalie trying to overhaul her. In the men, its Donny and Kym, with Mark trying to catch them. Michael Irvin or Louis Vito should be the one going home tomorrow.

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