Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Its so not funny... because its almost true

The one thing the Obama Administration has managed to do domestically is to expand the Federal government's deficit to a level never before reached in peacetime. In the international arena, he has managed to alienate Poland and the Czech Republic, two countries which risked a lot to back us under Bush. I guess consulting with allies is not something he wanted to do.

I mean, after all he was having too much "success" wooing Iran away from developing nuclear weapons and getting Hugo Chavez to respect democratic rights and the sovereignty of other nations. Then again, perhaps it was because he was currying favor with terror supporting regimes while publicly undercutting the troops he is directly responsible for in Afghanistan.

Or maybe it was his decision to support an ousted president, seeking to become a dictator, rather than the democratically elected legislature which followed their flawed constitution as best they could. (I mean really, when you draft your constitution, always put in the procedure for how you depose your criminal head's of state and government).

Ahh yes. Change we can believe in has arrived. President Obama has made sure of that. Instead of bungling opportunities while striving for a more free, more democratic world, he has decided to embrace dictators, oligarchs (that's right Putin), and exporters or violence. I can hardly wait to see what he is unable to do next.

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Colby said...

The hell you say. Obama hasn't fixed everything? Blasphemy.