Friday, October 30, 2009

Schadenfreude - Is It Really Wrong?

Because right now, I'm really doing schadenfreude kick.


Because Frank Lembi is having more than a little trouble. The owner of CitiApartments is not having the best of years. Not only are the banks taking over some of his buildings, the city continuing its case against his company for the way it treats the tenants of the buildings, and a new set of lawsuits has been filed because apparently CitiApartments has been failing to return rent deposits (what could be called: stealing).

By the way, I think it should be pointed out that the name CitiApartments apparently is no more. CitiAparmtents has now morphed itself into FirstApartments. Not content to have one new name, they apparently have another name: Urban Pioneer Properties.

Its a new name, but its the same company. Same management.

But now, in addition to all and having to change the letterhead, Mr. Lembi is facing possible criminal charges.

Apparently Mr. Lembi has written a couple of bad checks. The total of those bad checks? $298,500. To a casino.

A court in Nevada has apparently issued a warrant for his arrest. Darn shame it happened to such a nice guy.

Too bad this isn't 40 years ago when the mob still ran the casinos. Then justice might have been more fun in this case.

Alright, enough of the schadenfreude.

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