Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And then she returns

Alright, about fifteen years ago, I was in high school. And there was this girl. I was never interested in her in that way. (Mostly because I was interested in her friend, but that is neither here nor there.) After not seeing her or hearing from her since about 1994, out of the blue a week ago I got an email from her.

Now way back when, there were a number of people who were held out as my "betters" (for lack of a better term). One of the few who lived up to that description, was her. (We will call her LH.) Why? Simply this: she is good because she backs it up and not because she was annointed by someone who happened to take a liking to her. So it basically became a game for me to try and over take her on the theory that "hell if she can do it then I can".

So after not seeing her or hearing from her in almost a decade, I get this email and find out what she has been up to since we last talked. Now, she is not a person who needs to make herself feel better by going on at length about what she has accomplished. I found her blog site, which links to the new firm she is helping to start.

And there I found her firm bio. (Am I stalking? I hope not, I just like to see what people I havent seen in a while have doing) The list of cases she has apparently first chaired in her first six years as an attorney was impressive. Were mine to be on the site they would be much, much less so. Essentially she found a way to do the things I wanted to be doing when I was in law school.

So you may be wondering if I am intending this to be a rant about the unfairness of the world etc. etc. etc.

Its not. Its the simple fact that once again, LH has swooped into my world and kicked me in the head and gotten me refocused again. Damn you LH! And thanks.

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