Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So here I am, still pushing paper at a contract job while about three blocks over and one down, my office sits unused. I do not like the contract job, but right now it is providing the bulk of my money. And after the last two weeks, and the expenses of setting up the office, I need money coming in the door right now.

However, I also need to get out of this temporary situation and start moving at building up my own practice. There is more interesting, more rewarding work to be done than the contract work I currently doing.

The only problem, I still do not have a client of my own. I have some contract work that is being pushed to the backburner becuase of the biglaw contract job, but still no paying clients yet.

Maybe I can convince one of the clubs on Broadway that they want to overturn a city ordinance or two, like they did in Florida? Somehow, I do not think my mother would be happy to hear about the way I would use my legal education.

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