Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tri Training Week In Review

Well it started out as a good week. Instead of taking Monday off, I just moved up the calendar, figuring that Wednesday would be a bear of a day. Which it was.

Only Thursday turned out to be one too, so when I left work around 11 p.m., I bagged it for the night. And then I collapsed again on Saturday.

Over all, the time I did put in training was good solid time. I'm just not so happy with my dropping of the three days. However, my leg seems to be appreciating the lighter load since its just tight now, not in pain like it was the previous weeks.

In addition to the training, I finally got a sit down with the nutritionist. It went pretty well, although there were points I really did not ennjoy (such as explaining my whole semi-colon thing which I am not going to recount here.) This coming week he is supposed to send me a list of supplements that I should be on in order to enhance my training (not the Jose Canseco kind. My semi-colon leaves me not absording certain things that I need to be better).

So its a smaller step forward this past week than I had intended. However, thats better than the last couple of weeks. This week will be better.

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