Saturday, January 21, 2006

In two minds..

Alright, while I realize that I am probably the only one reading this (which is fine, I'm used to talking to myself), I figured I would put this in anyways.

Although I am starting my own firm, I am still doing contract work to bring in money while I build up clients. Most of my hours for the past two months have come working at one particular firm. And after an initial burst of insane hours, we settled into a more liveable pace.

Or so I thought until I was called into the office of project head on Tuesday. The project head informed me that the project deadline was Tuesday. Which came as a shock to me, since the last I had heard was that the project was to be finished at the end of the month. Not only that, but they have reduced the staffing the job to me and one other temp attorney. So now everything has to be completed ASAP.

Consequently their poor planning and communication of their needs, I now get to be there until ridiculous hours with the added fun of being micromanaged now by the head of project.

Tom the Temp runs a website detailing his life as a temporary attorney for biglaw firms in New York. Although he seems a little more angry than I ever get, weeks like this make me agree with him. Fortunately, I will not be doing the contract thing that much longer. (Or that's the plan)

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Steve said...

You're not the only one reading it.
Good Luck on your Ironman!
and your practice......