Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Interesting looks at medical malpractice

In between documents, I scan through the web for interesting articles to keep my mind occupied. Today, while looking at the guest columns on the Legal Underground, there was an interesting take on medical malpractice and tort reform. While I did not agree with it, it was one of the better writings I have read about the situation.

At least until I looked down in the feedback area of the posting. There I found a link to an article in Medical Economics. The article managed to do something I have not seen before: it did not blame a single group. Instead, the author laid out what his research had lead him to, and what I think is probably closer to the truth than what either the right or left wings of the country want to admit.

Essentially, he states, that there is no reason for the state of medical malpractice. Some of his proposed solutions I think would be unacceptable, but I like a few of them. Its an interesting article that you should look at before someone starts telling you how its all the (choose one Lawyers/Insurance Companies) fault.

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